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When hunches become facts

CapMons CapStash er en SIEM enterprise løsning til log management af hele din infrastruktur, hvilket øger sikkerheden på tværs af organisationen. Du får et realtidsbillede af hele it-infrastrukturen

Efficient log monitoring

CapMon’s CapStash is  a SIEM enterprise solution for log management of the entire infrastructure. Increase security across the organisation. and get a realtime view of the it-infrastructure including registration of any threats.

Efficient incident management

You can monitor all the way down the the application layer, thus being able to identify cyber attacks or other incidents. You will be able to verify whether the incident is a malicious threat, and whether it has fatal consequences for your business.


The solution is simpel, scalable, ad is a powerful tool for correlating and aggregating logs. You will get fast collection and display of data on you dashboard, which you can use for subesequent analysis, dokumentation and reporting purposes.

Total overview of the data monitored

CapStash may be integrated with CapMon’s monitoring system, in order to display selected data on the CapMon dashboard. This will give you a unique overview of your most important monitoring data. .